October 2010

Down To Earth Newsletter
Volume 9 – Issue 1 – October, 2010

Sierra Tucson “Gratitude for Giving” Celebration – Friday, December 10, 2010, 9 – 11 a.m. – Join Jon & Dr. Marlo Archer at the third annual “Gratitude for Giving” Celebration! Sierra Tucson will recognize professionals for their years of giving to others. Purchase tickets online here: Secure Online Registration Nominations are welcomed and encouraged until October 22. Email the Nomination Form (PDF) to LVargas@SierraTucson.com.

Debunking Myths – Dr. Marlo Doesn’t Have a Newsletter Anymore

Since readers have only received about one newsletter in the past two years, they may have concluded that Dr. Marlo probably just doesn’t have a newsletter anymore.

Fact: While it is true that the newsletter stopped abruptly for my motorcycle accident over two years ago and that I published only one issue since then, the newsletter is, in fact, alive and well, and ready to return!

When I started this newsletter in 2002, I had no idea how popular it would become.  I started it mostly as a marketing tool and to exercise my writing muscles each month.  I didn’t actually think anyone would read it.

However, I found out rather quickly, that a number of people were reading it, although that list was largely composed of my friends and family members.  However, I just kept putting out that newsletter and kept getting periodic positive feedback.

When my accident interrupted it’s production for over a year, I thought about bringing it back, but thought I would need to do it bigger, better, or flashier, so I just didn’t bring it back at all since I never did figure out how to improve it.  Meanwhile, lots of other people started putting out newsletters and I figured it wouldn’t make much difference if my newsletter ever came back or not.

HOWEVER, I have now gotten enough feedback over the past year, that people remember the newsletter, people read it, and that people want it back, whether it’s modernized or not.  So, this is me, making a firm committment to bring it back because YOU ASKED FOR IT!

October Discussion Question: What is your biggest accomplishment in the last two years?

E-mail answers to: discussion@drmarlo.com and answers will appear next month. Your state of residence, your first name and last initial will be used unless you tell us not to use them.  Anyone who responds and also includes a mailing address will receive our fantastic information cards, RECOVERY REMINDERS, and a couple of temporary tattoos, just for fun.

Thought For The Day: You will get there taking one step at a time.

To spotlight our E-Coaching services, our newsletter includes a personal growth exercise.  These exercises illustrate the kinds of activities our clients are asked to complete when they are using our E-Coaching services.  The exercises printed here are quite general in nature, but the exercises sent to our E-Coaching clients are individualized to meet each client’s specific needs.  We currently offer a package of 10 E-Coaching Sessions for $500.

Gratitude List
When I was lying in the ICU with multiple broken bones, internal injuries, open wounds, and immense pain, I employed many of the techniques I had recommended for my clients over the years and I was pleased to find that they worked as well for me as I expected them to work for others.  One of the first tools I reached for was the Gratitude List.

When you are feeling rotten, it’s very easy to focus on everything that is wrong with your life, everything that is bad, everything that makes you angry or sad.  It is much more difficult at that moment to focus on what isn’t wrong with your life, what is good, and what makes you happy or content.  However, it is at that precise moment when focusing on positives can do you the most good.

The task is very simple, just take any old piece of paper and a pen and number the page at least 1-3.  It would be better to do 5, and better yet to try for 10, but just do whatever you can for starters.  The goal is to list things for which you are truly grateful, things you can still appreciate even though a number of other things in your life might be going badly.

It’s a good idea to make a Gratitude List every time you feel lousy, or to get in the habit of making a short list every day, perhaps when you wake up, or right before you go to bed.

For anyone who thinks their life is too terrible to come up with things for which to feel thankful, I just want to challenge you with the thought that I wrote out 39, flat on my back, with a broken arm, in the ICU, so seriously, you should be able to come up with at least 3.

For a FREE 5-Session Trial of E-Coaching, send us a report of how this activity worked for you!  We may share your report in our next newsletter with your name, last initial, and state of residence (unless you tell us not to).  Send to FreeSessions@drmarlo.com.  (Offer Expires 11-05-10)

E-Coaching!  Try it Now!
Not every problem is a mental illness.  Not every issue is a trauma.  Not every botherment is an emotional disorder.  For life’s daily issues and for personal growth, now there is E-Coaching!  Dr. Marlo Archer offers a 10-session consultation package for people who are not diagnosed with any mental illness who would just like some coaching, some guidance, or some personal growth.  We are offering the 10-Session package for $500.  Begin by using PayPal to send a $500 payment to DrMarlo@drmarlo.com, then send an e-mail to that same e-mail address, expressing your specific area of concern to begin!

Dr. Marlo’s Movie Madness – Entertainment and Education
Okay, let’s try this again!  We have now moved this event from the office to our home.  We’re also going to try a new day/time – Fridays at 2:00pm.  We can now accommodate up to 10 credentialed clinicians (who are not allergic to cats) comfortably to enjoy a movie, popcorn, and informal continuing education.  We will continue to show the movie for free and will now also offer the CE certificate for free.  Suggest a movie now for our return in January and mark your calendar for Friday, January 28th from 2:00pm – 4:30pm.  Future dates:  February 25th, March 25th, and April 8.  If your selection is chosen and you have included your mailing address, we will send you a FREE DVD MOVIE from previous years’ Dr. Marlo’s Movie Madness. Sign up for Movie Madness updates by sending a blank e-mail with ‘subscribe’ in the subject line to MovieMadness@drmarlo.com.

Publish Your Work – Promote your PracticeTwo ways to publish – for free as a semi-anonymous author (your state of residence, your first name and last initial will be used), or, for $25, as a professional promoting a mental health practice (your full name, with credentials, address, phone number, and e-mail address will be included).  We reserve the right to decline to publish any submissions.  Send creative contributions to:  articles@drmarlo.com.

Dr. Marlo in the Media

Read Dr. Marlo’s article, “Slippery Slope of Lying” in the October issue of Together Arizona Newspaper.  Click here.

Thanks for your patience and encouragement! –Marlo J. Archer, Ph.D.

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