2012 Art of Recovery Expo

Here’s what people are saying about their experiences…

“Hi Dr Marlo, your booth at the expo was fun and I would love to help do henna in next years expo. If there’s anything else that you’ll need help with please let me know.” — Havi K.

“I had a wonderful experience at the Art of Recovery expo. I was lucky enough to receive a henna tattoo done and I chose a flower. I saw it as a symbol of my recovery. I’m beginning to blossom in my recovery and very thankful for my life to be back on track with the support of the Phoenix community. Thank you.” — Brittany G.

“It was a wonderful experience! I’ve never had a tattoo before. When I got home the first thing my kids saw was what was on my hand and they all laughed and said that I must have had a great time. I did! even though I’m not in recovery I work with people in recovery and it is the most satisfying job I’ve done so far. The expo was great a lot of information. Thank you Doctor Marlo. Looking forward to seeing you next year.” — Griselda M. Baro, BHPP/PSS Compliance Coordinator, CROSSROADS MISSION, Yuma, AZ

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