Free Public Speaking

As a public service, Dr. Marlo Archer does two free public speaking engagements per month in Southeastern Arizona. These are available to groups of any kind and can be on a topic of your choosing or Dr. Archer can design a general presentation about children, teens and mental health. To have Dr. Archer come speak to your group for free, click here to e-mail.


  • Talking With `Teens about Tough Topics
  • Time-Out and Time-In and how it WORKS
  • Step-Parenting and Blended Families
  • Toddlers and the Terrible Twos
  • Getting Your Spouse Into Therapy
  • Behavior Management Without Nagging!
  • Overview of Childhood and Adolescent Disorders
  • Classroom Management with Difficult Kids
  • Entering the Field of Psychology
  • Kids’ Reactions to Divorce and Remarriage
  • How To Work with Your Child’s School
  • Teaching Your Kids Your Values
  • Preparing Your Kids For Divorce
  • Helping Kids Grieve Losses
  • Childhood Depression
  • What’s With Today’s Music?!
  • Attention-Deficit & Hyperactivity
  • Revitalizing Your Marriage
  • Teaching Responsibility
  • Parenting With Depression


  • School Teachers
  • Day Care Workers
  • College Classes
  • Parent Groups
  • A.A./N.A./Al-Anon
  • Churches
  • Social Clubs
  • Rotary
  • Ladies’ Guild
  • Harley Owners Groups
  • Self-Help Groups
  • Kiwanis
  • High School Students
  • Human Resources
  • A Bunch of Friends


You pick a topic or you give me suggestions and let me design a presentation for your group. We pick a date and time together about 8 weeks from now. You secure the space and make all the technical arrangements like for chairs, lighting, parking, and making sure the building will be open, etc. We both advertise the event. I will advertise on this site and you can use whatever means you have and be sure to save me a copy of whatever you use or tell me where I might see or hear the advertising. Presentations are 60 minutes in length and I hang around for 30 minutes after to answer any questions that might need to be asked privately. The presentation style is light, humorous, informal, and yet educational. Questions are encouraged throughout.


If you need a speaker for your organization when our schedule for free presentations is full or if you would like a presentation longer than the 60-90 minutes, that can certainly be arranged for a fee. We charge $150 per hour for a presentation or workshop up to 4 hours and charge $1000 for an all-day workshop or training (9 hours minus a 40-minute lunch which you supply and five 10-minute breaks).

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