Women’s Relationship Issues

Mother. Daughter. Wife. Sister. Coach. Friend. Co-Worker. Employee. Aunt. Wow, that’s a lot!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, out of balance, confused, stressed, depressed, or angry about the many relationships you have to juggle, come to group and find some serenity.

Topics: Romantic Relationships that Sizzle, Fulfilling Your Destiny, Achieving Goals, Rest & Relaxation, Managing Multiple Relationships, Satisfying Friendships, Healthy Lifestyle Choices, and Raising Happy Kids

Time: Please contact us for schedule

About Group: Ladies, we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. We make sure our kids have lunch for school, we tell our husband where his keys are. We bake cupcakes for fundraisers, we chair committees, negotiate hostile takeovers, and wipe runny noses, and this all before 10:00 am, in an outfit with matching earrings!

Where do we find time for ourselves? I’ve got a hint for you – Tuesdays at 6:30! This is a group only for women. We focus on the strength and glory of women and how women can devote some of their energy taking care of themselves, too.

This is a very nurturing group where women can feel free to discuss difficult or uncomfortable topics and get advice from other wise women. Group is confidential and supportive. Tell the people in your life that you’re taking this hour for yourself each week and come re-energize yourself!

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