Distance Services

It’s not always convenient to come into the office. Once you are an established office client, you can then begin using our distance services so that your care does not have to be interrupted just because you have a busy schedule.

Telephone Sessions – Although phone sessions lack the visual aspect, a great deal of progress can still be achieved over the phone. Full-length sessions that delve into complex issues are available, as are brief phone check-ins that might just address a few simple issues. Phone sessions can be held monthly, weekly, or even daily. Phone sessions might comprise the majority of a person’s treatment plan, or might be just a little extra something that gets used between regular in-office sessions. Telephone sessions are also useful in dealing with an unforseen crisis.

E-Mail Consultations – Sometimes you just have a quick question that could wait until your next session, but you would rather just get some feedback on it now. Established clients can shoot me a quick e-mail and, if appropriate, I can fire off a quick reply, saving our in-session time for other issues. Additionally, sometimes things just come up in between sessions on which you might want some immediate feedback. E-mail consultations are a great way to get that. E-mail is also a good way for a person to explore their own thoughts about an issue by having to write them out, rather than just say them. E-mail is something that can be used almost exclusively, or in addition to in-office and/or phone sessions.


  • On Vacation
  • Moving Out-of-State
  • Starting College
  • Business Travel
  • Co-Parenting
  • Habit-Quitting / Forming
  • Education / Information
  • Transportation Difficulties
  • Difficulty Arranging Child Care

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