• Is it time?  Have you ignored something long enough?  Is it time to make some serious movement on an issue that’s been bothering you for a very long time?

When a person is ready to move, they’re ready to move and if they don’t get going, they could lose their momentum.  When you schedule intensive therapy with us, you can take advantage of that momentum to do a great deal of work rather quickly, when you’re ready.  We can meet for long sessions, or meet several times a week, or have daily phone or e-mail follow-ups, whatever it takes to keep you on track while you’re in the mood for change.

  • Are you stuck?  Just can’t figure out where to go next or what to do or where to even start?

You may have thought of going to a therapist, but you don’t even know what for, or you may have started therapy a number of times, but really  never accomplished anything.  You may feel like therapy will just never be successful for you.  With our intensives, you might be able to get a jump start on a number of particularly deeply-ingrained issues that you may not even be aware of.  We can meet together for several hours, allowing you to have time to warm up and really think about things in your life without outside distractions.  When you really allow yourself time to listen to the messages that have been building up inside, they become easier to hear.

  • Is your schedule hectic?  Is it hard to figure out when you could regularly see a therapist?  Would you like to just do a big chunk of work at one time and then come back for more later?

You know you want to do some work on yourself, but you only get like one day free every other month.  No problem.  We can build individualized, all-day or half-day workshops just for you.  Get the individualized help you want and deserve, efficiently, without having to re-organize your whole schedule.  We can meet in our office, your office, or even in your home, whatever is most convenient for you.  This is about making it easy for you to reach your goals.

  • Are you sick and tired of seeing a therapist every couple of weeks for months and months on end?

Some people may make sort of a career out of going to therapy, and they’ve chosen a very nice, but non-directive therapist who would happily let them come every week, say the same things over and over, smile warmly, nod their heads, but never really do anything for the client.  That’s nice for a while, and it feels good to have someone listen, but when nothing really changes, you stay just as unhappy as you’ve always been.  If you’re tired of doing the same thing over and over, book an intensive for yourself and start doing things differently!

  • Is it easy for you to sit with a therapist for 45 minutes and not tell him or her anything?  Do you want to stop giving yourself a place to hide?  Do you want to finally confront issues that have been difficult to approach?

You mean to tell your therapist, you really do, but they also don’t ask, and it doesn’t come up, and you go home each week, never really addressing what the source of the problem really is.  You’re sophisticated enough to talk about other issues all hour and not leave any room for the really important (and scary) stuff to come up.  If you know your therapist is never going to push you and that you could continue to hide from them forever, book yourself an intensive and give up your hiding spot.  Spending several hours over the course of a day with a therapist makes it increasingly harder and harder to avoid dealing with difficult issues.  It will be tough, but healing is so worth it!

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