Concierge Therapy

Available NOW to established non-insurance clients only.
Coming soon: Policies for potential new concierge clients.

“Concierge therapy” here is defined as a “total-care” distance service system implementing an almost anytime, anywhere in Arizona practice model whereby our clients have the security in knowing that their mental health provider will be available whenever the need arises. This “total-care” service offers flexible, immediate, and individualized treatment through a membership-based fee program. The concierge private-pay structure allows us to define a treatment arrangement that is more convenient and comprehensive for you than regular private pay structures, and it allows the provision of services without the restrictions of insurance regulations, insurance adjusters, or their third party adjusting agencies. The benefit of this model is that it allows Dr. Marlo to focus on your treatment needs, rather than on watching the session clock and filling out insurance forms. Simply put, her attention is placed solely on you.

  • Clients may receive same day or next day appointments.
  • Clients may self-schedule appointments using an online calendar.
  • Clients can communicate by secure, encrypted video, audio, and/or digital messages, including evenings and weekends.
  • Response time is often prompt, usually within 1 or 2 hours. If Dr. Marlo is working with a client, Office Manager Jon can reserve the next available time for you and alert Dr. Marlo.
  • Appointment settings may be in your location of choice, whether your home, office, my office, or remotely (Although only remote is available during COVID-19).
  • Service hours are very flexible.
  • Instead of the standard, weekly 45- minute session, you can use 15 minutes at a time, receive daily e-mails, have lengthy sessions, and/or have multiple sessions in one day or week.
  • Appointments still all start on time, barring emergencies, so your time isn’t wasted in waiting for the Doctor.
  • Luxury Waiting Room. Enjoy music and refreshments in a comfortable environment and rarely encounter other clients. (During COVID-19 – Virtual Waiting Room Only, BYO Refreshments!).


  • BASIC – $1400 NOW ONLY $600 – includes up to 4 hours of service / month.
  • ENHANCED – $1950 – NOW ONLY $800 – includes up to 6 hours of service / month.
  • SUPREME – $3000 – NOW ONLY – $1000 – includes up to 10 hours of service / month.

Call 480-705-5007 to start receiving Concierge Care TODAY!

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