Transitions for Young Women aged 15-17

Are You An Adult Or A Child?
Sometimes It’s Hard To Figure Out!
We Invite You to a Group That’s Just For You!

Topics: Jobs, College, Boyfriends, Homework, Chores, Siblings, Parents, Sex, Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, Confusion, Fears, and Anger.

Meets from 5.30 pm – 6.15 pm. – Approximately Every Other Tuesday.

Please contact us to join.

About Group: If you would rather chew off your left leg than come to a therapy group, then this is the group for you! This group is only for girls aged 15-17 who are sorting out the same issues you are. No one will make fun of you or spread your private information around. I make sure of that. If anyone is doing that, they get kicked out.

Something I hear all the time is that, “I don’t really like other girls. Most of my friends are guys.” Again, this is a good group for you. Not everyone in the group will feel that way, but it is a topic that is commonly discussed in this group. Let’s face it – Girls create a lot of drama and sometimes it’s just easier to just avoid other girls, but this group can help you learn to create healthy, fun, balanced friendships with girls so you don’t always have to be ‘just one of the guys.’

This group will cover the serious topics that many parents simply cannot discuss with you because they are too scared to think about you turning into an adult. We can discuss issues of sexuality openly and candidly. We can look at alcohol and other drugs and you can express both your curiousity and your fears, but this is not a group for someone who is abusing drugs or alcohol and getting into lots of trouble. We can talk about jobs and college and about moving out and marriage. (I probably shouldn’t have said that, now your parents won’t let you come, right?)

Join group now, quit if you hate it, just let us know when you will be late, absent, or when you simply won’t be coming back. My guess is that it’s more likely that we’ll have to shove you out the door on the day of your ‘graduation’ from group and that you’ll have a handful of phone numbers when you leave.

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