Social & Family Issues for Girls aged 13-15

Is Life Getting Confusing?
Want to Sort it Out?
Come to Group!

Topics – Boys, School, Dating, Music, Promises, Drugs and Alcohol, Boys, Jealousy, Friends, Boys, Parents, Homework, Secrets, Teachers, and, did we mention, Boys?

Time: Please contact us for schedule

About Group: People sometimes feel funny about joining a group where they’re not going to know anyone. Everyone will be just as nervous and excited as you are. You’ll be okay. I take our group rules very seriously and there are only 3 – Be respectful to each other, Keep what is said private, and Be on time or let us know when you will be absent or late. (Your folks will get charged a fee if you don’t call a day in advance to miss group).

This will be your group, not mine. We’ll discuss the topics that are interesting to you. We’ll talk about your music, your thoughts, your dreams, your questions, and your ideas. I’m just there to provide some structure and some information, if needed, but I find that I’m not very necessary in many of the sessions. Once everyone gets to know each other, the group begins to run itself.

People come in each time and catch up with each other. We see who got grounded or ungrounded, whether or not someone got asked to the dance, or if someone’s step-dad is still giving them a hard time. The teen girls support each other and that can be much more powerful than individual therapy with an “old lady” like me (I’m almost 40, for Pete’s sake!)

I tell everyone the same thing – Try it twice and if you hate it, we’ll let you quit, no problem. I find that a much bigger problem is trying to get people to stop coming! Girls just want to keep on coming week after week. However, we generally only have you attend about 8-12 sessions and then we send you forward to try what you’ve learned in The Real World. Group isn’t Life, but Group can help you with Life.

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