If You Build it, They Will Come

Most people remember the popular movie, Field of Dreams, with Kevin Costner, where he was sent the eerie message, “If you build it, they will come,” which he took to mean he needed to build a baseball field which would then attract a host of characters from the past which would then attract many patrons from the present time who would restore the loss he experienced in destroying his corn to make the field. Sure seems crazy, doesn’t it? But this character believed it, and, in the movie, it happened, and we loved the movie.

Although I’m not going to promise that your efforts will raise the dead, I can assure you that when you believe strongly in a thing, and move your life to pursue that thing, there is a mighty fine chance that your dreams will be fulfilled. If you want to travel the world, you must be willing to completely uproot and do that. If you want to write books, you may need to go without a salary for a year or two, or three, or five, to pursue that dream. If you want to find a cure for cancer, you may have to join the thousands of others who share your dream and raise trillions of dollars for the cause…

The point here is that dreams, no matter how ridiculous, can often be achieved, but not without considerable cost. Many people are not willing to pay the cost, so they give up the dreams. However, the cost of giving up one’s dreams is something one should not take lightly, either. To live a life with no dreams can be a shallow, painful experience – just moving from one day to the next to the next, wondering if this will be your last or if there are thousands more to come that are just like this one. That’s a cost, too.

Spend some time today thinking about your dreams. Make some if you have none. Plan to pursue one if you are not currently moving towards any of your dreams. And celebrate yourself if you are actively sacrificing and suffering in pursuit of a dream which has not yet come to fruition.

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