Actions Speak Louder Than Words

As Presidential hopefuls gear up for the next race, they’ll be SAYING alot, but DOING little. America may be tempted to make decisions based on what they hear candidates SAY rather than what these candidates have already DONE. I encourage everyone to remember that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. That is, whatever you have done in the past can be examined and that will give people the best guesses about what you’re most likely to do in the future. That doesn’t mean people don’t change, they most certainly do, but most people don’t change much unless there is some serious pressure on them to change. We don’t lose weight until our weight becomes a health crisis or until we run out of clothes that fit. We don’t worry about saving for our children’s college expenses until the college pamphlets start coming to the house addressed to the high school Junior, we don’t worry about writing a will or organizing our financial affairs until one of our parents or friends passes away. So, although people do change, they generally don’t unless someone or some thing is exerting great pressure upon them. So, when you look at the candidates, to some extent, ignore what they are SAYING and research what they have DONE before you make your decisions.

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