Buddy System

Remember back in Kindergarten when they made you pair up with a “Buddy?” You were supposed to hold hands with your Buddy, stay together, do the same things, and generally watch out for each other. Now, whose brilliant idea was it for two 5-year-olds to be left in charge of each other? Of course, the teacher was still in charge, and the two kids were not actually responsible for each other, but pairing them up as buddies did make them accountable to each other, and that system is not only brilliant, but it works at any age.

Any time that you are doing something that you’re a little frightened of, something that’s new, something that’s difficult, something for which you need a little help, pair yourself up with a Buddy! It’s a great idea to find yourself a more experienced person who can mentor you through the experience, but mentoring has it’s limits. You also need to find someone who is at your level, who can go through it with you, and help you through the tough parts. At the same time, you’ll be responsible to them to help them through the rough parts as well, and that will help you, too.

All the successful recovery programs incorporate accountability, but it is not completely necessary to join a national organization to find accountability for yourself. Just find yourself a “Buddy” and agree to help each other through whatever it is.

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