Conserve Energy

Last post, I spoke about the free energy one gets by being angry and I wish I had some of that energy today! Maybe I could make myself angry about something – ha ha ha. But seriously, today I am very sleepy. I went to bed too late and got up too early. I have already realized I don’t quite have enough energy for the whole day, so I’m going to be conserving.

Just like when some precious resource becomes scarce, sometimes our energy becomes scarce and we have to conserve it – ration it out – save it for what’s important.

I see that I have several clients on my schedule for today and they will be my number one priority. I will save my energy for them and not waste energy on frivilous pursuits in between appointments. When I don’t have a client in my office, I will rest. I may even take a nap. Yes, therapists take naps. Why do you think so many of us have couches in our offices? You think it’s only for the clients?

Actually, my clients know that I don’t even have a couch in my office and that’s because I’m afraid I would take too many naps or go so deeply to sleep that I wouldn’t wake up for a client appointment. However, now that Jon, my husband, is here managing the office, perhaps he’d agree to wake me up before my appointments. Nah, I’d end up having creases on my face, with my hair sticking up every which way, I better not.

But anyhow, in between my most important activities today, I will be resting. There is no paperwork on my desk that is so important that it cannot wait until tomorrow, until I have more energy to attend carefully to the details.

And, if I get a chance for a really decent nap today, and I take it, I should be really fresh for my evening clients and will probably be able to do paperwork then.

Of course, I know I am truly blessed to have a job where I do not have to work continuously, all day long, and I’m not advocating that everyone take naps at work, but I am saying that we have to be realistic and kind with ourselves, recognize our limitations and take good care of our bodies and minds or we’ll have no body or mind to take care of.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a client to see.

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