Behavior & Symptom Management for Parents of Kids Aged 6-11

Tips, Tricks, and Pointers for dealing with elementary and middle-school aged children.

Learn effective techniques for behavior management and for coping with symptoms of your children’s emotional or behavioral difficulties.

Topics/Class Notes:

3-24-07 Power Struggles, De-escalation, Parenting Around Your Own Parents
3-31-07 When Parents Disagree
4-14-07 Positive Discipline
4-28-07 Parenting Smart Kids
5-5-07 Winning Arguments with Kids, Presenting Bad News
5-12-07 Navigating Negotiations
5-19-07 Giving/Getting Respect, Being Consistent, Having to say, “No”
6-16-07 Harnessing Creativity & Anger
6-23-07 Strict is not Mean
6-30-07 Being The Parent You Wish You Had, Letting Your Kids Make Mistakes, Role Modeling, Kids as Mirrors and Doubles for Both Parents
7-7-7 Labeling Feelings, Validating Feelings
7-14-07 Containing & Protecting From Difficult Emotions
7-21-07 Teaching Children Containment, Comforting
8-11-07 Addictions’ Effects on Children
8-25-07 Single Parenting – Staying Cool Under Pressure
9-1-07 Dealing with Violent Children
9-15-07 Active Listening
10-06-07 The Power of Positive Reinforcement
11-10-07 Talking With Kids about Sex

Time: Many Saturdays 3:00pm-3:45pm. Please contact us to register.

Cost: $25 per session. We do not bill insurance for this group as it is not a therapy group. It is an educational support group. People with severe therapeutic issues will be referred for a higher level of service, if necessary.

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