The Psychology Session Season 2

ep58 05/14/2007

Summer plans, time management and fun home neuro-toys!!!!

ep57 04/30/2007

Paranormal Psychology. We look at ESP, near death experiences, and consumer fraud.

ep56 04/23/2007

Concept of kids and popularity. The concept of “cool” in child development.

ep55 04/13/2007

White coat syndrome, criminal insanity. Also, Devin’’s family joins in the studio audience….and Jon dances to the opening music!!!!!

ep54 04/02/2007

Role playing games and addiction.

ep53 03/26/2007

First trip to a Psychologist.

ep52 03/19/2007

The Internship year.

ep51 03/12/2007

Self-mutilation. Why do people cut themselves and who is at risk for developing the disorder?

ep50 02/12/2007

Getting into and out of a rut, and staying faithful. Happy 50th show and Happy Valentines Day!!!!

ep49 01/15/2007

The good and bad of failure. What is a diencephalon?

ep48 01/09/2007

Going back after breaking up, learning to implement change.

ep47 12/19/2006

I’m “addicted to therapy”, emergent theories, and when to take the psychologist hat off. All on our last show of the year!!! :-)

ep46 12/12/2006

Political science, cultural psychology/psychiatric anthropology, and the return of the brain lecture series!!

ep45 12/05/2006

Theories of assessment and MENSA

ep44 11/28/2006

Suicide- theories, prevention, treatment.

ep43 11/21/2006

Crisis Management, ABC theory :)

ep42 10/31/2006

Happy Halloween! The psychology of sales with sales rep David Massoni.

ep41 10/24/2006

Running a practice, tip of the tounge experience, getting down to the clients problems.

ep40 10/17/2006

Children? Should you have them or not?

ep39 10/10/2006

FEAR and Martial arts.

ep38 09/29/2006

New families with step-siblings and parents, and gambling. Handling divorce and remarriage.

ep37 09/19/2006

Physical Fitness!!!!

ep36 08/29/2006

What we did on hiatus, separation anxiety disorder, and we welcome our new intern, Ryan!

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