The Psychology Session Season 1

ep35 05/08/2006

This is our season 1 finale. We discuss sport psychology and burnout. ๐Ÿ™‚

ep34 04/24/2006

Existentialism (Why are we here?)

ep33 04/17/2004

Our Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon show.

ep32 04/10/2006

Erikson”s eight stages of development.

ep31 03/27/2006

Jeff shares his story of his struggle with meth addiction.

ep30 03/20/2006

What doctoral programs are available in Arizona for psychology? We also examine dopamine and serotonin.

ep29 03/06/2006

Building self-confidence, enhancing motivation.

ep28 02/27/2006

3 types of psychology: social, educational, behavioral.

ep27 02/20/2006

Ever wondered what having a private practice is like? We talk about it in today”s show!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

ep26 02/06/2006

Child and Adolescent Psychopathology.

ep25 01/30/2005

Teen issues, and lots of weekend catching up!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

ep24 01/09/2006

Lets be Spontaneous!!!

ep23 01/02/2006

Weight issues, and guest Farrah Kaye talking about gastric bypass surgery.

ep22 12/19/2005

Trust, Emotions, and Holiday Stress. Also, congrats to Devin for graduating with his Masters!!!!

ep21 12/05/2005

We welcome guest Larry James, author of several books on relationships and business.

ep20 11/21/2005

Happy 20th show!!! Health and rehabilitation psychology, occipital and temporal lobes.

ep19 11/07/2005

Eating disorders and part two of brain lecture series. A good time had by all!!!

ep18 10/24/2005

First, we talk about the three stages of adulthood. Then, we begin the first of a series of lectures by Devin on the parts of the brain.

ep17 10/10/2005

ADD and ADHD, one of the fastest growing disorders. A problem or lazy parents?

ep16 10/03/2005

Everything you ever wanted to know about schizophrenia, and the softer side of Jabba The Hutt

ep15 09/26/2005

This week we talked about the recovery expo and different types of therapy

ep14 09/12/2005

Today we talk about the disaster in the Gulf Coast, and also discuss the upcoming classes Devin is going to teach!

ep13 08/29/2005

Sticking with life projects, for example: relationships, therapy, school, and fitness. Devin shares his view on fitness attire, specifically headbands!

ep12 08/22/2005

Blogging, what it is, benefits and drawbacks. How to set one up if you’re interested! Parenting, families and extended families, what is the best for raising children depends on the family.

ep11 08/15/2005

Special Guest – Chuck Eade. Chuck is a co-director of a non-profit agency which he founded in Arizona. He is also our first guest to be hearing impaired. Chuck talks about programs for children with disabilities. Dr. Marlo and myself will then put our psychology twist on it.

Opportunities for Wilderness Accessibility and Adaptive Recreation.

ep10 08/08/2005

It”s Psychology Career day! It”s not just for therapy anymore.

ep09 08/01/2005

Devin and Dr. Marlo discuss different methods of treatment… …and Devin gets frosted!

ep08 07/25/2005

Join Devin and Dr. Marlo as they have an interesting and at times some what heated discussion on Neuropsychology, Psychopharmacology and Psychologist prescription privileges.

ep07 07/18/2005

Psych 101: Join Devin and Dr. Marlo as we discuss Psychology basics, people and types!

ep06 06/27/2005

This morning’s show was our best so far, a way huge thank you to our guest, Edward L. James, III, MSW MPM, ASU West Student Affairs, Multicultural Student Services. We had a wonderful talk on multiculturalism in Arizona.

Due to technical difficulties we unfortunately do not have an archive of this show available. My sincerest apologies go out to Edward.

ep05 06/20/2005

This morning”s show covered religion.

ep04 06/13/2005

Today”s show featured special guest Janet Boberg, of the Phoenix fire department community involvement youth firestarter intervention program. More information is available here

ep03 06/06/2005

In our third show our subjects include…

ep02 05/30/2005

In our second show we talk about addictions and other cool things.

ep01 05/23/2005

This is our first “dry run” broadcast / podcast of The Psychology Session. We hope you enjoy it!

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