Stress Reduction

Before you read this, ask yourself if you are serious about reducing your stress. Do you really want things to “settle down?” Do you really want to relax? Are you sure that you would enjoy a more peaceful existence? If so, then read on.

So, you have decided that you want less stress in your life. Next, ask yourself whether or not you’re ready to do some things differently? Are you willing to make serious changes to achieve a more serene lifestyle? It will be difficult and you won’t be good at it right away. You may fight against yourself for some time until you finally get the hang of it. Are you still interested?

Alright, you have decided that you want your life to be less frustrating. You have accepted that it might not be easy, it might take some hard work, and it might take quite some time until you get it. Here comes the first hard thing you must do. You must realize that most of the things that are stressing you out are your own fault and they can be prevented. What?!!? Am I telling you that you have created most of your own stress? Yes. Isn’t that insulting? Possibly, but remember, no one said this would be easy or pleasant. This is part of the harsh reality of stress management. You must accept that almost all of the stress in your life IS under your control and that you CAN do things to reduce your stress.

If you’re still here, you are at least curious about what I might suggest you do about it, if it were true, which you might not really believe yet. You’re really going to stay stuck in a rut until you get over this first hurtle, truly accepting that most of your stress is created exclusively by you and that you do have control over the situation. Are you buying it yet? If not, this article isn’t for you. It’s just the rantings of some crazy doctor who doesn’t know what she’s talking about anyhow. (Hmm, sounds like a stressful reaction to me.) If so, go ahead and do your usual stress management and ignore what I’m saying. Delete this article and move on to other stressors in your life.

You still here? You must be serious, then. You have decided that you want things to be different and you have accepted that it’s probably your fault that they are the way they are and you’re committed to doing the hard work that it will take to make things better. Congratulations! You’re well on your way to effective stress management! Take a moment and notice how you feel right now. Don’t you feel more relaxed already? Okay, now what?

Do what you already know you need to do. Stop volunteering to do tasks no one appreciates. Tell your mother-in-law that she cannot come over and stay for hours when you are trying to bathe the baby. Get rid of the tree in the front yard that no one cares about anyhow. Give yourself extra time in the morning. Teach your youngster how to pick out his own clothes and dress himself. Do not buy one of every thing door-to-door children are selling. Stop yourself from buying another pet. Cancel magazines you don’t read. Throw junk mail away without looking at it. Get out of exhausting relationships. Stop lending money to your brother who never pays it back. Kick out freeloader roommates.

Only you know what steps will be right for you, but chances are, you already know what you need to do, you’ve just been afraid to do it. Let that fear stop running your life. Take control of your stressors and eliminate them. If you can’t do it yourself, we’ll be happy to help you out!

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