Pleasure Hunt

Remember Scavenger Hunts?  Someone would make a list of odd items, distribute the list to a group of kids, then send the youngsters out looking for rare things.  Whoever finished their list first was the winner, but the real fun was in the search.

I’ve made a list of 30 items to search for in the upcoming month.  As you ‘find’ each item, take a few moments and experience the pleasure that is associated with the item.  If you have a few minutes, just stop what you’re doing and focus entirely on the item and having the pleasure the item offers.  Then, mark it off your list and return to life, a little more cheery, and continue to look for the other items.

You may want to use this as a game amongst your family members, co-workers, a classroom, roommates, or challenge yourself to find, and enjoy these items every month.

Download Pleasure Hunt List

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