Tics and Tourette’s

Tics are involuntary motions or sounds that can range in severity from barely noticeable to quite disturbing and Tourette’s is a disorder that includes a variety of complex tics, some of them very unusual. People can usually get a great deal of relief from the symptoms by consulting a psychiatrist and getting appropriate medication. However, medication does not always relieve all the symptoms and the residual tics may cause a person a great deal of distress.

At Down To Earth, we would first make sure that a psychiatrist is consulted to reduce the tics as much as possible. If everyone’s happy with that, your treatment with us might end before it even begins. If the tics still cause emotional turmoil, we work with whomever is experiencing the problem. Sometimes it’s a parent that has a hard time coping with the repetitive motions or sounds. Sometimes we help the child accept himself for who he is. We might work with a child to help him defend himself from teasing. We might help parents discipline siblings that make fun of the tics. We might help a child’s teacher learn to overlook the noises or motions. In any event, we’re not going to make the tics go away, just help you deal with them.

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