How Long Is This Gonna Take?

One of the neat things about treatment at Down To Earth is that you design your own treatment and therefore, you know in advance how long it is going to take.

We begin with a free consultation session during which you describe exactly what you would like to accomplish. Based on what you tell me about yourself and your family, I will help you lay out the steps towards your goals. You will then estimate for me how long it will take you to achieve each step. If it seems to you like it will take too long to reach the goals you’ve set, we modify the goals to fit what your schedule and budget can afford.

We don’t begin treatment until we both agree on the total length and the total cost. Once we begin, you can quit at any time for any reason. If you reach your goals, we can always make a new plan if there are more goals you would like to pursue.

You might decide, after the FREE consultation session, that you don’t even want to begin. That’s perfectly okay. Go home. Think about it. Talk it over with family or friends. Come back later when you are ready or don’t ever come back, it’s entirely up to you. You’re in charge.

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