Substance Abuse

Down To Earth does not specialize in the treatment of substance abuse, but we often encounter problems that led to substances and substances that led to problems. If it is determined that a client or family member is actively abusing substances, it is likely that he or she will be referred to another provider to address the substance abuse issues first. That might just take care of the other problems.

If it is a parent that is abusing substances and he or she refuses to address the problem, it is likely that we will refuse to address any complaints he or she might have about the child because it is going to be assumed that the parent’s abuse of substances is the most likely explanation for the child’s difficulties and if the parent refuses to get help, it’s a disservice to the child to treat him as if he is the one with the problem.

If we encounter a teen that is just beginning to consider substances or who is actively experimenting, an assessment will be made as to the degree of the problem. If it is judged to be a serious problem, again you will likely be referred elsewhere. If, however, it seems to be just a minor feature of some other, more pressing problem, that problem will be attacked to try to prevent the development of a life-long debilitating use of substances.

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