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Parenting Tip of the Day

Get simple, common sense advice about handling everyday parenting issues. Tips will cover mealtime, bedtime, homework, video games, answering questions about death, protecting your kids as they use the computer, and many other topics. To Subscribe, Call 480-705-5007.

Stress Management Tip of the Day

Life is stressful and stress causes illness. To stay mentally and physically healthy, we must learn to manage our stress. Tips here include relaxation techniques, referrals to free resources, and simple activities you can do at home or work to relieve stress, among others. To Subscribe, Call 480-705-5007.

Communication Tip of the Day

Couples who seek marital counseling mention “communication problems” as the main reason bringing them to therapy almost every time. Prevent relationship problems by accepting these simple tips about conflict resolution, compromising, how to persuade or express yourself respectfully, and fighting fair. To Subscribe, Call 480-705-5007.

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